I had horrible acne all my life. I tried all acne products from your local drug store and even the medications given to me by my dermatologist. My acne ruined my life and self confidence. Sometimes I did not even want to go outside. I had mainly cysts which grew so big it sometimes gave me headaches from the pain and even affected my breathing. My final option was accutane and that did not work. I basically gave up on trying to fix my acne until I found this product which completely gotten rid of it. My face has been clear for years now and I couldn't have made a better decision.

I had zero acne until I was diagnosed with PCOS a hormonal disorder for women. I've tried everything to clear it up but nothing worked. I became self conscious and started to wear makeup when I didn't wear any in the first place. Now my face is clearer than ever and im back to my old self. Wearing no makeup and happy. If you are a woman and have PCOS get this product it's a life saver.

I love it! I apply it after cleansing my face at night and sometimes before my makeup. It feels so fresh on my face and helped my pimples go away. Let's not forget it has an amazing after glow.

I love this moisturizer. It consists of ingredients I can actually pronounce.

I've had eczema my entire life and  I've tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. This is the only product that has gotten rid of it completely and now that I put Xmoisturizer on my body everyday it has yet to return. It's almost like I've never had it.

I just wanted to say thank you, man. After only 4/5 days of using the product my skin has literally changed. I had a lot of pimples on my forehead and around my beard but now I have almost nothing. It worked for me.

I Love me some xmoisture. The new bodyscrub got my skin feeling smooth like a babies behind. Feet not ashy or nothing Thank you guys. - Love MoMo aka Phyllis qec1957

I really love your blend. I suffer from eczema and it has very much improved because of this wonderful Xmoisturizer Solution. I also bought a oil. These will be my Christmas gifts this year. I put the oil on right after I get out of the tub, dab off and use Xmoisturizer Solution to soften for the day. I even use it on my face. I cannot use any of the store bought with retinol they break me out. Thank you so much.

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