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Xmoisturizer Body Oil is our new all organic, 100% natural,  and vegan all purpose body moisturizer. This product was carefully crafted to suit your needs. It will moisturize your skin and give you the ultimate glow you've been looking for. If you are in a rush and don't have the time to put on your daily moisturizer this is an easy quick way to moisturize not only your entire face but your body as well and get out the door as fast as possible. You can also apply this product on your hair as well to keep it hydrated. This product can be used on your face, body, hair, scalp, and beard daily. 


The Benefits

This product will give your skin the ultimate hydration you've been looking for. It will also give your hair the deep hydration your looking for. Our body oil will also make your bath much more enjoyable and healthy for your skin. Usually while your taking a bath your skin will dry out but instead now you can fully moisturize your entire body while taking as long as a bath you want. The convenience of this product is also one of the major features it offers. It provides you a quick moisturizing solution if your hands, face, or overall body begins to feel dry. You can put a few squirts on those areas then rub it all in. You will be moisturized until you can get to your main product which will be your xmoisturizer solution. 


Ingredients (All Organic):
Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Natural Oil

Xmoisturizer Body Oil

  • This body oil was tested on our founder and his family before ever hitting the market. These tests went on for months to make sure our body oil was the most hydrating as possible and most importantly safe. Each part of your body we say you can use this body oil for. This product was specifically tested on those areas to give you the most accurate information on how to use this product. This body oil overall was carefully crafted to suit your needs. We hope you enjoy it.