How to To Use Xmoisturizer Body Scrub
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Xmoisturizer Scrub is the perfect 100% organic and vegan exfoliating body scrub that can also be used on your face. This body scrub will not only get rid of the dead skin on your body and make your skin feel super smooth, it will also make your skin glow. This is best used in combination with our Xmoisturizer Solution. You can use this product in the shower and it will not have a problem going down the drain.

Ingredients (All Organic):

Cane Sugar, Essential and Carrier Oils

Avoid eyes and do not consume.

Warning - Do not use over open wounds, scabs or cuts. Use Xmoisturizer Solution for a better healing process.

For the Shower - While in the shower after your body is fully wet, apply the body scrub on your area of choice and rub with medium to high pressure.  Do not rub hard if applied on your face due to the skin on your face being the most sensitive.  Use low to medium pressure then just rinse the scrub off.

For hands or feet - Wet your hands or feet heavily. Apply the product to your hands or feet and rub with medium to high pressure. After rinse the scrub off with any type of temperature of water you like.

- Remember always wet your body first before using.

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